Prime Auctions is a family owned and operated business devoted to assist you in achieving your fundraising goals. We have been providing charities with quality merchandise and services for over 10 years. The future looks very promising because of our continued commitment to helping charities and causes with their fundraising events.

We attend major sporting events throughout the year to obtain unique products with authentic signatures. We work closely with you to select the best auction items for your event. Our time, effort and expertise are always provided FREE OF CHARGE to the charity or cause.

Why Choose Prime Auctions?

  • We help your event raise more money
  • We help make your event more exciting for the attendees without the stress
  • There is no cost to the event organizer, charity or cause for our services.
  • We have helped raise thousands of dollars for charitable events since 2010.
  • All of the prizes that we donate are rare and unique memorabilia.